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5 Functional Structures You Can Build Using Landscaping Blocks

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Adding landscape features can help transform outdoor spaces into visually appealing and functional living areas. At Toowoomba Retaining Walls, our team continuously develop practical and cost-friendly solutions to ensure that we can deliver satisfactory services and outputs. With the help of our proficient contractors and certified builders, we provide high-quality materials, bespoke designs and hassle-free experience to all our clients.

If you are scouring for a suitable landscaping feature to maximize the use of your outdoor areas, our dependable and trusted team got you covered. One of the timeless and durable materials we recommend for any outdoor structure is landscape blocks. These preformed blocks are an affordable and versatile building material that can work well for areas exposed to harsh weather conditions and elements. So if you are scouring for ways on how you can use landscaping blocks in your outdoor living area, here are some landscaping projects you can start with.

Long-lasting Retaining Walls

Landscaping blocks are a budget-friendly and suitable material choice for retaining walls. Besides that, erecting a retaining wall is a lot easier with landscape blocks since there are varieties that don’t require mortar or construction adhesive to be stacked together. With the projecting lip or self-locking flange at the back edge of each block, you can quickly align and efficiently lock the blocks together. Using this material is an effective way to build a stable and durable retaining wall that will keep the soil in place and cease excessive erosion in your property.

Stunning Garden or Yard Boarder

Want your plants and flowers to be a centrepiece in your garden or yard? Try stacking several layers of landscaping blocks around the perimeter of your garden beds or your entire yard. Creating raised garden beds or bordering your entire yard using landscaping blocks is a cost-friendly way to upgrade your outdoor area’s curb appeal and functionality. Once several layers of landscaping blocks enclose the plant or flower beds, they will be a lot convenient to maintain than an open plot of land. The layered blocks can help protect the soil’s tilth and topsoil from erosion as well as prevent infestation caused by weeds and pests.

Functional Compost Bin

Since landscaping blocks can be easily stacked and attached to each other, you can create a myriad of forms and configurations. That is why you can also use this construction material to build a solid and durable compost bin. With the blocks’ versatility, you can customize the dimension and style of your compost bin. Whether you prefer to have an open-faced bin or an enclosed one, you can conveniently design it based on your requirements. Besides that, you can also use concrete, wall caps or pavers to expand and customize the structure.

Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit

If you are craving for relaxing night outdoors with your friends or family, why not build a simple and cozy fire pit in your backyard. With the use of landscaping blocks and wall caps, you can quickly create a rustic and functional fire pit. This landscape feature can help keep you warm while enjoying s’mores and a cup of hot chocolate outdoors. Choose a block style and finish that can seamlessly blend into your yard or landscaping.

Lovely Pathway

Create a functional and lovely walking path in your garden using landscaping blocks. You can use the flat ones made of flagstones and lay them along your outdoor area to create a safe pathway that leads to your home or other outdoor living areas. Moreover, building a pathway can also help keep people off your grass and garden beds.

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