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LimeStone Walls

Limestone is a durable and long-lasting material used for retaining walls. It has become one of the most popular amongst many households in Toowoomba. Our builders have over a decade of experience in building and installing limestone retaining wall systems. You can call us today to talk to one of our experts regarding your next limestone retaining wall project!


Concrete sleeper walls are small structures that are designed to add layering to the yard. Many sleepers are typically made of wood or metal, but at Toowoomba Retaining Walls, we offer concrete sleepers that are more durable and more resilient than other alternatives. Talk to our resident experts no to know more about concrete sleepers.

Perimeter Walls

Fences are installed in order to provide privacy and protection. However, do you know that retaining walls can also be a good alternative? Installing walls around the perimeter of your properties can do the job! Request for a FREE quote today or call our hotline to explore the different choices we have available for you!

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