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5 Contemporary Retaining Wall Ideas You Can Try

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If you are struggling to retain or improve your landscape due to several factors such as soil erosion, sloping terrain or unstructured hardscape – retaining walls might be the landscaping solution you are searching for. This landscape feature is popular because it helps stabilize and secure the soil in your area. Besides that, retaining walls can also reinforce foundation and efficiently define and enhance the curb appeal of your existing landscape.

At Toowoomba Retaining Walls, we know that homeowners also prefer to have tastefully designed retaining walls aside from their practical uses. Our seasoned team have been providing top-quality and bespoke retaining wall solutions in the city and surrounds. So, we guarantee that we can help you achieve a landscaping solution that will also upscale the overall look of your garden. To help you in making a knowledgeable resolution, we have come up with five contemporary retaining wall ideas that can significantly enhance the look of your landscape without compromising the functionality you require. Check them out so you will have inspiration for your next landscaping project.

Integrate an Outdoor Kitchen

Integrating an outdoor kitchen on your retaining walls can be an excellent idea if you have a fairly generous space in your yard. Since the walls already provide the foundation you require, you can conveniently set up a complete kitchen in the walls. However, before starting this project, it is essential to note the appliances and kind of utilities you need for your space to achieve the functionality you require. Once done, your retaining walls will not just provide a division in your vast space but also an area where you can host simple barbecue parties, cookouts and alfresco dinners.

Use Interlocking Blocks

For those who wish to achieve a one-of-a-kind retaining wall for their landscape, you can try using cylindrical blocks. To create a unique aesthetic and eye-catching visual effect in your retaining walls, you can use interlocking cylindrical blocks that will help improve the sense of depth in the space where you will build it. Another advantage of this style is that these interlocking blocks come in a wide variety of configurations, so you can experiment and find the design that will suit your area.

Try Gabion Baskets

Gabion baskets as retaining walls are typically used on business establishments, but they can also be an aesthetic addition for residential applications. Since they have an open-wire design, you can significantly save more on materials. If you are scouring for an affordable alternative to concrete, gabion baskets can be your go-to choice. They are great for those who want to attain a minimalist and sleek design. Moreover, you will also have the freedom to pick the materials you will use to fill the basket. From irregular flagstones, bricks or colourful natural stones, you can easily pick the one that jives with the aesthetic you prefer.

Transform Terraced Slopes into a Cozy Retreat

This idea can be a bit challenging to pull off because of all the design and building that it may require. First, you need to have an extensive space in your property where you can create a terraced slope. Then you have to seamlessly integrate the retaining walls in the space to create different levels. After that, you have to carefully plan what outdoor living area you want to have in your space. Whether it is a living room patio, an open deck or a simple seating area, you can transform every level in your sloped area into a cozy retreat.

Add Some Outdoor Lights

If you already have a retaining wall made of concrete or natural stone, it might be a good idea to enhance its ambience and appeal by adding some outdoor lights. The outdoor lights can significantly enhance the look of your landscape, especially at night. Adding accent lighting to different areas in your wall can make your area appear warmer and more welcoming. You can also play with the tones and shades of light you will use.

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